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A Stab At Fame: Five Actors And Their Horror Movie Roots

I must confess to you all, I have a minor role in a straight to video horror film called MOSQUITO MAN. In it, I play a mugger who gets killed by the Mosquito Man. When we filmed the scene, I had lines. After one take, they cut my lines because I am, to be totally […]

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The 14 Scariest Phone Calls in Movie History

There was a time when the telephone was a strange and magical device, one that allowed the disembodied voice of any person to speak across great distances. But nowadays the technology is so ubiquitous and all-powerful that you might very well be reading this article on your phone right now. And like all things that […]


The Evils of The Millennial Horror Evolution

The horror canon is vast and constantly expanding; finding new ways to illicit the fear we are all capable of experiencing at some point or another. Fears can change over time, so horror films are tasked with appealing to its ever-evolving audience. With that in mind, filmmakers and screenwriters have begun to utilize the technological […]