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All things come to an end, and every ending is a new beginning. This week on The Horror News Rundown we’re taking a look at a television series that’s coming to a close, a novella that may never see the light of day, some exciting new films and television series, and the return of one […]


Photo Gallery: Son Of Monsterpalooza Slays Burbank Yet Again!

Twice a year, MONSTERPALOOZA, the brainchild of Eliot Brodsky, descends upon Southern California like a dark cloud that attracts like minded horror fanatics and monster enthusiasts to celebrate their love of the macabre. The main event is usually scheduled for the spring, but come mid-September, Burbank is treated to “Son of Monsterpalooza,” the slightly smaller […]

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Reports of Bloody “Vampire Attacks” Sweeping Through New Zealand Town

Just let that headline sink in for a second or two. No, we’re not kidding. Several news outlets have recently reported that the New Zealand town of Napier, a seaside community on the North Island, has been plagued by a series of unexplained attacks on locals by several unknown outsiders. All the incidents have certain […]

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Five Horror Franchises That Would Make Great Video Games

Horror-based video games are hard to make, believe you me. I’ve spent the last sixteen years of my life making games and finding ways to effectively scare people who are sitting on their couches, controller in hand – it’s far more difficult than it can be to do with a movie. The reasons why are […]

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EXORCIST the TV Series, Another X-FILES Movie and… MADEA?! – This Week’s Horror News Rundown

Everyone looks forward to films that excite them, but it’s also fun to look back and wonder what might have been. This week on Blumhouse’s Horror News Rundown, we’re taking a gander at scary new projects in film, television and podcasting, but also peaking behind the veil at early motion pictures which are about to […]

Films’s Top 20 Films That Played at the Sundance Film Festival

While everybody else is talking about how horrible the films in January are, the filmmakers and film critics descend up Park City, UT for the annual Sundance Film Festival. The sprawling event has become an important lynchpin for the industry, and every year all eyes turn to this festival to introduce us to new and […]


William Bibbiani’s Top 5 Horror Movies of 2015

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Since you’ve been enjoying the staff’s picks for the best genre movies of 2015, we decided to invite our top contributing writers to pick their five favorite flicks as well. Look for more Top Fives between now and the end of the year!] 5. KRAMPUS One of the few Christmas horror movies that […]

Rebekah’s TOP 10 Horror Movies of 2015

I’ll admit it- 2015 was not my favorite year in horror history. Most big studio films failed to impress, so I found myself reaching further into the indie markets for horror sparks. There, I found some great movies. Though I feel the year across the board was a tad lacking, the titles I ultimately curated […]


Rob G’s TOP 10 Horror Films Of 2015!

The year 2015, for the horror genre, was what I can best describe as a completely unpredictable one. There was a nice increase in a lot of independent fare, some of which slipped through the cracks of the underground and managed to find mainstream success, such as IT FOLLOWS. Whether you liked that one or […]

John Humphrey’s TOP 10 Horror Films of 2015!

Coming up with a best-of-the-year list is a surprisingly difficult task. What if I pick the wrong film? What if nobody likes me?? What if I actually did manage to forget the one movie you’re about to tell me I’m an idiot/should be literally killed for not including??? The stakes are high… All anxiousness aside, […]