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Why Are Guns So Seldom Used in Horror Movies?

Have you ever noticed that killers in horror movies almost never use guns? They wield knives, machetes, axes, spears, harpoons, pitchforks, chainsaws, meathooks, finger-blades, chains, ropes, tree branches, human bones, sledgehammers, scythes, drills, scissors, cleavers, forks, corkscrews, nails, glass shards, skewers, razor wire, wood chippers, claws, teeth, talons, beaks, proboscises, acid, electrical wires, workout equipment, […]

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10 Best Unlikely Weapons in Horror Movies

Cinema is magic.  Or, more to the point, cinema is a magic trick.  It’s the art of combining craft, form and pace to construct an illusion for a willing audience.  And one of the most willing audiences is the horror-obsessed.  We live to see things we can only imagine, and we can imagine a lot.  […]