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Are We Overlooking Mexico’s Amazing Horror Movies?

All true horror movie fans know this — you don’t need to be in Hollywood to make an amazing horror film. In fact, nowadays, it seems at least half of the truly inspired genre movies to hit the market come from other countries. The creators of dark visions from all over the world continue to find a […]


You Are What You Eat: Food in Horror Cinema

Horror films exploit the things we fear not only by the use of the horrifying creatures of our imaginations, but also at the most basic levels. Everyday occurrences that we often see as meaningless activities are quickly turned into something only our nightmares would think to torture us with. JAWS made us fear the beach […]


Event Report: Pics From The Premiere Of FENDER BENDER!

Right now has been a pretty golden time for genre outfit Scream Factory. The horror-specific sub-label division of Shout Factory is on the cusp of its 4 year anniversary and in that time, they’ve managed to put out stellar collector’s edition Blu-Rays of some of the most celebrated titles from “master of horror” directors John […]