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5 New Horror Flicks Now Streaming On SHUDDER!

With so many streaming services at our disposal, there are limitless options in terms of finding horror. Neflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Vudu and so on and so forth! But thankfully, we’ve got Shudder, which specifically caters to the die-hard insatiable horror fan. And they’re consistently adding new stuff, cult classics, and more on a regular […]


Are We Overlooking Mexico’s Amazing Horror Movies?

All true horror movie fans know this — you don’t need to be in Hollywood to make an amazing horror film. In fact, nowadays, it seems at least half of the truly inspired genre movies to hit the market come from other countries. The creators of dark visions from all over the world continue to find a […]

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5 Horror Films You Shouldn’t Watch in a Group

I have always considered watching disturbing films as my own personal daredevil activity of choice, but they aren’t always the best choices for a group setting. These films are like riding an extreme rollercoaster at an amusement park. Your friends build up the ride by telling you how scary it is and occasionally revealing details of […]


The Depravity, Pornography, & Beauty of Upcoming Horror Film WE ARE THE FLESH

My first day at the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal kicked off with one of the most extreme films I have seen in a long time, WE ARE THE FLESH. The movie begins with a single man, a bearded, dirty centerpiece who seems mentally unhinged. We watch him move about a vast, yet squalid and […]