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Is It OK To Sell Out?

Warning: Spoilers for STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE and DOCTOR STRANGE appear in this article In the long long ago, a time that some called the 1990s, it seemed like the world was all sorted out. Smart people, people way smarter than me, went so far to call it “The End of History”, meaning that, with […]

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The 5 Creepiest Quests in World of Warcraft

The WORLD OF WARCRAFT mmorpg is an institution in digital adventuring. An epic fantasy game set in the land of Azeroth, it’s got a lot of the good stuff that you associate with the sword-and-board set – there’re dragons, medieval weaponry, and magic. But like any place worth living in, it’s a strange world, full […]

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This Week in Video Games: 7 DAYS TO DIE for Console, New FREDDY’S Trailer, WARCRAFT Movie and More!

Welcome to first ever “The Week in Video Games,” a weekly column covering the major events, releases, and gossip from the world of video games. This week: Blizzard scores a huge win… and a huge loss, NO MAN’S SKY disappoints everyone before it’s even finished, a game with zombies is announced for consoles (finally!) and […]

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A Touring Guide to Ten Horror Shout-Outs in WORLD OF WARCRAFT

The WORLD OF WARCRAFT mmorpg is famous (or infamous, depending on how strictly representative you prefer your games to be) for its bounty of pop culture references. Harrison Jones – the spitting image of a certain beloved fedora-wearing archaeologist – ended up with practically the entire zone of Uldum dedicated to his fight against Nazis […]