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Be-GORE-ra! Eight Irish Horror Movies Worth Checking Out

Ireland has given the world many useful things; the ejector seat, color photography, the Riverdance, hypodermic needles… and of course, Guinness. It’s also a place with a rich, proud tradition of horror storytelling and mythology, from banshees, fairies and leprechauns all the way to author Bram Stoker’s iconic creation DRACULA. Ireland has experienced something of a horror movie boom in recent […]


Exclusive Pics From The Trippy CHERRY TREE!

Here’s one to add to your horror queue for 2016! CHERRY TREE is the trippy looking new film from director David Keating (WAKE WOOD) and it will arrive on VOD and select theaters on January 8th, 2016 courtesy of the fine fiends over at Dark Sky. We’ve been provided with a whole slew of high […]