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5 Weird (Supposedly True) Urban Legends from Virginia

Every state has its share of urban legends and haunted tales. Most are handed down from generations of locals. However, with the advent of the internet these stories now reach a wider audience allowing us all to share in a once “locals only” tradition of storytelling. The following are five bizarre, supposedly true urban legends […]


These Mysterious Unsolved Clues Lead to Virginia’s Lost Treasure of $63 Million

Got some vacation time coming up? Good at solving mysteries? Looking to quit your day job and take up treasure hunting? Then you need to sit down and spend a little quality time with the Beale Ciphers, three cyphertexts over a century old that are said to lead to $63 million in treasure. Let’s start […]


Urban Legend Themed Beer: Read the Legends and Drink the Brew!

Summer is the time to take road trips. But let’s be honest, for horror fans anytime is a good time to take a trip and explore the haunted depths of the continental U.S.  Heading to the east coast? Richmond, Virginia is known for its wide array of urban legends, making it a good stop on […]


There Are No Wolves in The Stillwood — So What Happened to Little David Bradley?

This short, sharp and shocking creepypasta is attributed to someone named “Josef K,” who claims to be a long-time resident of Ichor Falls in Mason County, West Virginia, at the edge of a small but dense forest known to locals as “The Stillwood.” Josef prefaced his tale by citing surveys from the National Forestry Service, which state […]

“You Can Still Hear the Screams of People Burning Alive”: The Ghosts of Virginia’s Wilderness Battlefield

It was several years ago that I found myself driving from Washington, DC to my parent’s home in Charlottesville, VA. It was early evening and still light out when signs appeared along the highway for the Wilderness Battlefield. I knew the history of the site, and I also knew that it was supposedly haunted. With […]


Six Boy Scouts Murdered by a Witch Still Haunt a Virginia Road

If you ever go to Charlottesville, Virginia there are a few things you should know. Number one- don’t say anything bad about the University of Virginia. But, they did expel Edgar Allen Poe for gambling and then had the audacity to preserve his old room as a memorial to the poet (you can’t have it […]


Virginia Haunted by Killer Dressed as Giant Rabbit: The Legend of Bunny Man Bridge

Just outside of Washington DC, there’s a small, wooded area on the outskirts of Fairfax, Virginia known as Burke. A hidden oasis in a bustling metropolis, Burke hosts antique stores, farmland, and a small railroad overpass that is the site of a haunted legend according to locals. Cars pass through a one-lane tunnel cut into […]