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Check Out This Hilarious New Short Film: WHEN THE PURGE ENDS!

So you’ve “purged” with a night of celebrated mayhem, torture, and blood-shed. But what happens when The Purge ends? Check out this hilarious new short from writer/director Eli Thomas and his “Pizza for Breakfast” team as they examine the morning after The Purge…

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Viral Video Flashback: The Ultimate Cab Driver Horror Prank

Today’s viral video flashback comes from 2013 when Black Box TV was making dynamite prank videos with sweet horror-fueled twists. In this hilarious inclusion from friend Mike Williamson, two unaware girls discover it was the wrong night to take a taxi.  


Viral Flashback: What if Jigsaw was Your Roommate?

For today’s Viral Flashback we are revisiting a hilarious viral video from 2013, “Living with Jigsaw”. This one raises the question of what it would be like is SAW’s villain, Jigsaw, became your roommate. Gary….Gary…G….Gary……….  

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Viral Flashback on the Most Realistic Horror Movie Ever- HELL NO: The Sensible Horror Movie

For today’s “Viral Flashback”, let’s revisit this YouTube gem from a few years ago. Ever found yourself watching a horror film and questioning why the characters wouldn’t just leave the creepy house? Or run out the front door instead of up the stairs to escape the slasher? Welcome to “HELL NO: The Sensible Horror Movie” […]

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Horror Viral Video Flashback: SHARK POOL

Every time I get into a swimming pool, my eyes immediately scan for sharks. I call this “JAWS Syndrome”, and countless others suffer from it as well. Sure, we know that sharks can’t exist or even fit in most pools. Plus there are ample other commonsense questions like “how did the shark get in there?” that should halt […]