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Revisiting CUBE 20 Years Later

We go to sleep every night expecting to awaken in the same bed, in the same home, the next day. But what if we didn’t. Instead you awaken in a cold, unfeeling, industrialized hell filled with deadly traps, an unbearable void, and worse yet… other people. This is the basic premise of CUBE, the 1997 […]

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Fear of the Unknown: Ten Horror Titles That Almost Were!

Back when horror sites quickly usurped the throne of horror movie scoops from print fright mags, you could rarely go a day without hearing some kind of rumor surrounding your favorite horror properties. This was all before the word “remake” was appropriated as a stigmatic kiss-of-death, and the fates of our favorite horror franchises were […]

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EXCLUSIVE: Poster Artwork for Ken W. Hanley’s Book THE I IN EVIL!

Ken Hanley, Managing Editor of, is about to release his monumental new book THE I IN EVIL: ACCEPTING AND EMBRACING THE MONSTER YOU ARE – a kind of self-help guide for the monsters we all know and love. Hanley graciously offered us a first peek at one of the book’s new promotional posters – […]