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New “Honest Trailer” Lays Down The Cold Hard Facts About GHOSTBUSTERS 2

Those fine fiends at Screen Junkies are at it again with the latest edition of “Honest Trailers.” And this time, they’ve set their sights on the 1989 sequel GHOSTBUSTERS 2! While a lot of unnecessary hate is being thrown at the new movie before it even opens, this honest trailer reminds us about the other […]

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He is Vigo!: The Wild & Criminal Life of Wilhelm von Homburg from GHOSTBUSTERS 2

On a mountain of skulls, in the castle of pain, he sat on a throne of blood! He is Vigo the Carpathian! For GHOSTBUSTERS II fans, it’s an iconic painting, but there was something darker behind that sloped, wrinkled brow and those sinister pale eyes. He may have been the scourge of Carpathia, but the […]