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Survival Horror Game DEADLY PREMONITION Returns… as a Board Game!

DEADLY PREMONITON: THE BOARD GAME is coming to haunt your dining room table on game night. It’s planned for release in December 2017. Pretty cool, right, Zach? Based on the bizarre survival-horror video game of the same name, DEADLY PREMONITION lets two to four players revisit the weird characters, haunted locations, and creepy events in […]

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NIGHT TERRORS: Horror’s Answer to POKEMON GO Now Available for Free!

Need something to do tonight? Download NIGHT TERRORS: THE BEGINNING. The augmented reality horror experience is now available for download on the iPhone store for free–the best price of all. I’ve written about this creepy AR horror game before, but for the uninitiated: NIGHT TERRORS uses your smartphone to haunt your house. You turn off […]

Horror Video Game SOMA Takes You On A Terrifying Mind Trip!

SOMA Developed by: Frictional Games Published by: Frictional Games Platforms:  PS4 (reviewed), Windows, OSX, Linux Frictional Games‘ AMNESIA: THE DARK DESCENT redefined the horror genre in 2010. As one of the most utterly terrifying games ever created, other developers were quick to ape the style, which relied on placing you in insane situations without any sorts […]