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CREEPYPASTA: “LIARS” — A Grisly VHS Tape with a Hideous History

With the Thanksgiving holiday looming, we decided to spring this week’s creepypasta column on you a day early, so you have one seriously scary story to freak the hell out of your annoying relatives around the turkey table tomorrow (I’m generalizing, of course; I’m sure your family is full of wonderful people… but every family’s […]


The Ten Best Horror Movies Set in the Wild West

After my first viewing of BONE TOMAHAWK – without a doubt one of the best horror/western movie hybrids ever made – I suddenly realized how seldom filmmakers have merged two of the most enduring genres in American cinema history. While horror is not anchored to any time period, the western is obviously limited by the […]


Lost on VHS: PSYCHO COP (1989)

“He’s the last cop you’ll ever meet.” The arresting cover art (oh, yes, I did!) for Southgate Entertainment’s home video release of Wallace Potts’ PSYCHO COP is what you could call masterfully misleading. It dares you not to confuse this movie with the more recognized and largely lauded William Lustig action-slasher staple MANIAC COP, employing an […]

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LOST ON VHS: 5 Horror Movies That You Can Only Watch on VHS!

Most of us long ago switched over to DVD… and then to Blu-ray..and now are slowly integrating online or VOD purchases into our normal routine. But many movies never made it passed their original VHS releases. For these movies, you either pray someone will eventually re-release it (thank Beelzebub for Scream Factory), pick up a […]

Scary Fun Toys 

My Pet Monster: The Best ’80s Toy Of Them All

Many of the things us horror fans hold near and dear experienced golden times in the 1980s, which is why so many of us look back so fondly on that glorious decade. Not only did slasher films reach the apex of their popularity – and awesomeness – but so too did monster movies reign supreme […]



“Delightfully Devilish. Definitely Deadly!” Let’s get interdimensional, Tapeheads. The infinite wonder of an alternate dimension is certainly no stranger to the rewind way. Seminal horror and sci-fi flicks that boomed on home video such as the remarkably early and aesthetically awesome 1980 Magnetic Video release of PHANTASM along with Vestron Video’s THE GATE and Lovecraft-inspired FROM BEYOND have […]

11 Awesome Tentacle-filled Lovecraft Movies (You May Not Have Seen!)

Sure, we all love that tentacled and winged Great Old One, Cthulhu. He has become a pop-culture icon! And most horror fans have seen Stuart Gordon’s collection of Lovecraftian films including REANIMATOR, DAGON, CASTLE FREAK, FROM BEYOND, and his MASTER’S OF HORROR episode DREAMS IN THE WITCH-HOUSE. But many other filmmakers have traversed Lovecraft’s lore. […]



“Enter a prime-evil world of future shock and alien terror.” In the weird and wild world of VHS entertainment, anything goes. Mind-bending slabs of magnetic magic like Michael Bolton’s Winning Softball and Howard Stern’s Butt Bongo Fiesta (in glorious 3D!) surely exemplify the notion of unbridled analog insanity, but when it comes to a prime […]


Lost on VHS: BLOOD SALVAGE (1990)

“ If Jake can’t fix it… it’s been dead too long.”