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GRAVE ROBBING FOR MORONS: Is This Creepy VHS Footage for Real?

“This Video is for Fun.” Thus reads the unofficial cover art for this notorious half-hour video, allegedly sourced from a VHS tape in the late 1980s or early 1990s, then dubbed and re-dubbed for circulation and sale among bootleg collectors, often (literally) under the table at horror conventions and through mail-order tape trading communities. It’s […]


VIDEO: A Tribute To The Long Lost Horrors Uncovered On VHS!

Like most movie lovers, there was no better feeling than being able to purchase and own a movie you loved to add to your video collection. The evolution of the VHS era eventually made it not too far fetched to seek out and build your own home library that would rival that of any local video […]


FRIGHT-RAGS Unveils Special Limited Edition VHS-Style TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Pack!

Here’s why I absolutely love a company like Fright-Rags. Rather than just putting out your traditional horror T-shirt, they’re always thinking of new and interesting ways to market and package their products. It could be employing unique, talented artists to do their interpretations of classic cult favorites, or it could be coming up with a […]


Check Out Chucky The Salesman In This Rare CHILD’S PLAY VHS Promo Video

Bless the internet. And in particular You Tube because you can always find some of the strangest oddities on there. Sometimes it’s commercials or weird late night things you vaguely recall seeing as a kid. Other times, it’s promotional videos that serve as a time capsule, a relic of a time now long lost much […]

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CREEPYPASTA: The VHS Tape Bore His Name… and Its Grisly Contents Sealed His Doom

The origins of today’s gruesome viral tale are still something of a mystery, but the details appear to have be excerpts from the personal journal of a teenager in Belleville, Illinois, who identifies himself only as “John.” The first known entries begin shortly after his family relocated to the new city from Florida, where John […]

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Watch the Latest Original CREEPYPASTA Video — THE BOOK

As you may recall, when we posted our second creepypasta video THE MESSAGE last week [be sure to check it out if you missed it], I promised you there would be more of these videos coming in 2017… and while most folks think I’m a little weird, they have to admit I do keep my […]

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Does the Bizarre Board Game RAP RAT Have a Horrifying History?

Jackson Stewart’s retro-stylin’ horror feature BEYOND THE GATES has a lot of genre fans looking fondly back to that once-popular trend of VHS-based interactive board games like NIGHTMARE, in which players are guided by the instructions and time limits decreed by an onscreen game-master. Those players’ fates are decided not by a roll of the […]


10 Awesome Horror Films Only Available on VHS Tape!

Think you’ve seen every horror movie out there? Well not without a VCR you haven’t. Many great horror films are trapped on tape, meaning they never got distribution after the initial VHS home video release. Dust off your VHS player, and happy hunting for these horror gems! DON’T GO TO SLEEP (1982) This movie traumatized […]


We Chat With SiREN Director Gregg Bishop!

Like most horror fans, I love anthologies. And sometimes, a segment in an anthology can be so indelible that it makes you long to see an expanded version of that story. For V/H/S, the opening short “Amateur Night” helmed by David Bruckner, 1/3rd of the filmmaking trio behind 2007’s THE SIGNAL, is one of my […]


The V/H/S Demon Returns In The First Trailer For SiREN!

One of the more intriguing segments from 2012’s V/H/S has to be “Amateur Night,” the anthology opener by David Bruckner. In it, a group of drunken frat boys meet Lily (Hannah Fierman), a shy unassuming, beautiful girl that turns out to be much more than she seems. Now, director Gregg Bishop has expanded the story, along […]


Where The Hell Do YOU Buy Blu-Rays From These Days?

With the way we consume our information via the Internet, it’s rare that the physical release of a horror title comes as a surprise. If you’re not regularly surfing sites like ours, Dread Central or Shock Till You Drop, you’re probably finding out what’s on the horizon via or even just simply your Facebook […]


How Well Do You Know VHS Box Art? Take our Newest Quiz and Find Out!

I’m from the “VHS generation” of horror and spent much of my adolescent years roaming the aisles of the local video store, endlessly staring at the box cover art. This covers have become rather iconic for many and ingrained in our psyches. We have collected 10 iconic VHS covers and snipped out any identifying info. How […]

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Think You Know Horror VHS Art? Try Out Our Latest Quiz and Prove It!

Last week, we posted a quiz showing artwork from iconic horror VHS covers and asked you to name the movies. If you haven’t already, try out last week’s quiz here. And because of the popularity, we are back with another VHS art quiz this week. Think you know horror VHS box covers? Prove it!