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10 Awesome Horror Films Only Available on VHS Tape!

Think you’ve seen every horror movie out there? Well not without a VCR you haven’t. Many great horror films are trapped on tape, meaning they never got distribution after the initial VHS home video release. Dust off your VHS player, and happy hunting for these horror gems! DON’T GO TO SLEEP (1982) This movie traumatized […]


How Well Do You Know VHS Box Art? Take our Newest Quiz and Find Out!

I’m from the “VHS generation” of horror and spent much of my adolescent years roaming the aisles of the local video store, endlessly staring at the box cover art. This covers have become rather iconic for many and ingrained in our psyches. We have collected 10 iconic VHS covers and snipped out any identifying info. How […]

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EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek at Shout! Factory TV’s Retro-Fest “VHS VAULT”

Calling all VHS fans! Whether you spent your youth wandering the aisles of the local video store in search of classic, new and obscure releases, or even if you’ve more recently begun to ride the wave of the millennial VHS revival and nostalgia for all things ‘80s, the folks at Shout! Factory totally feel ya. So much, […]