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New Episode Of RATED ART Focuses On The Work Of Graham Humphreys!

A few months back, we shared the first episode of the new online series RATED ART: Scenes Of A Graphic Nature – the brainchild of Scott Johannsson, the former co-host of soundtrack podcast The Damn Fine Cast and one of the people behind the record label Ondes Positives. That first episode set its sights on the great Gary […]

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10 VHS Box Covers that Scarred Me for Life

In 1980s video rental stores, shelves were filled with a brightly colored array of VHS box covers. These canvases served one purpose, to scream at the consumer…“RENT ME.” No other genre was better at grabbing a potential viewer’s attention better than horror. In a world where the shelves were stacked and the competition was thick, […]


10 Awesome Horror Films Only Available on VHS Tape!

Think you’ve seen every horror movie out there? Well not without a VCR you haven’t. Many great horror films are trapped on tape, meaning they never got distribution after the initial VHS home video release. Dust off your VHS player, and happy hunting for these horror gems! DON’T GO TO SLEEP (1982) This movie traumatized […]


How Well Do You Know VHS Box Art? Take our Newest Quiz and Find Out!

I’m from the “VHS generation” of horror and spent much of my adolescent years roaming the aisles of the local video store, endlessly staring at the box cover art. This covers have become rather iconic for many and ingrained in our psyches. We have collected 10 iconic VHS covers and snipped out any identifying info. How […]

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Think You Know Horror VHS Art? Try Out Our Latest Quiz and Prove It!

Last week, we posted a quiz showing artwork from iconic horror VHS covers and asked you to name the movies. If you haven’t already, try out last week’s quiz here. And because of the popularity, we are back with another VHS art quiz this week. Think you know horror VHS box covers? Prove it!  

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How Well Do You Know VHS Box Covers? Take Our Quiz and Find Out!

Many of the Blumhouse staffers love reminiscing about the time we spent in VHS rental stores just looking at the horror box art. It captivated our imaginations and made us excited to see the movies! We soon discovered that, in most cases, we could name the film’s title just from seeing the old box art. We have collected […]

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10 VHS Box Covers that Will Haunt My Brain Forever

Like many horror fans who grew up in the 80s and 90s, a large chunk of my formative years were spent roaming the aisles of my local video store. On Track Video in Stephens City, VA was the definition of “ma and pop” store, from its adorable video cassette train logo (get it? On Track Video!) […]


Talking with Thomas Hodge: The Pop Art of Videos

Thomas Hodge is a film poster designer…for now. As an artist he has worked for a variety of corporations and eventually found his way to Sony working on their gaming covers. But after a few years the responsibility for the cover content became the domain of the game designers and not the cover artists. Thomas […]