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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For That Spooky Someone

Valentine’s Day is sometimes tough for the male humans out there carrying a bleeding heart because hunting down the perfect gift for that spooky someone can be a nightmare. You want to get her something that says “be mine”… or “please don’t give me the hose again.” Unfortunately, you won’t find anything that makes that […]


Have Yourself A Bloody Little VALENTINE’s With These New Horror Shirts!

Well, it’s that time of year again. Yep, the dreaded…. Valentine’s Day! I don’t know how you single folks celebrate. I usually treat myself to a double feature of the 2009 MY BLOODY VALENTINE remake in 3D, paired up with the rare uncut version of the original 1981 “slasher” cult classic MY BLOODY VALENTINE. But […]


Get Your Heart Ripped Out for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is a stupid holiday. I am not romantic; I don’t need cheap stuffed bears and overpriced candy. I much prefer the bloody, visceral, literal image of a heart over a red cut-out. Especially if that heart is being ripped out of a human chest. When I first set out to write this list, […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day: 10 Heart-Pounding Human Heart Scenes in Movies

By the time you’re old enough to read this, you’re probably more or less used to having a heart. Inside your chest, this powerful muscle pumps all the blood you need to survive, every second of every day. We say we love things with our hearts because, in some respects, our heart is all we […]

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13 Great Horror Date Night Movies Perfect for Valentine’s Day

As much as we all love the horror genre, we probably all have to admit that it isn’t exactly kind to lovers. Scary stories have a tendency to exploit our anxieties about romance and sexuality, turning fears of disease and feelings of jealousy and even innocent attraction into terrifying tales of obsession and death. So […]

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Could Your Next Date Be A Serial Killer?

According to Randy Meeks from SCREAM, sex equals death when it comes to horror, so it makes perfect sense that a serial killer should be strategically added into the equation at a speed-dating event aimed at those with a taste for the macabre. This cardinal rule was surely in the back of the mind of […]


We Chat With NINA FOREVER Directors The Blaine Brothers

Picture this: You’re finally getting over the tragic death of your girlfriend, moving on with your life and dating a wonderful young woman who thinks you’re fabulous. The time has come to seal the deal, but as the clothes come off and the coitus commences, you’re interrupted by the bloody and broken corpse of your […]


CAVITY COLORS Bringing You New FREDDY KRUEGER Design For Valentine’s Day!

Those fine fiends over at Cavity Colors are at it again! Hot on the heels of their amazing new T-shirt designs for STARRY EYES and the 80’s “slasher” cult classic MADMAN, they’ve got something special for your upcoming Valentine’s Day. Why it’s the man of your dreams, of course! Featuring brand new Freddy Krueger art […]