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CURSE OF THE DEMON: To Monster or Not To Monster?

The age-old question of whether to show the monster or not has confounded filmmakers since the antediluvian silent era. For example: Should THE BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS emerge full blown from the head of “Zeus” within the first five minutes of the film, or should there be a suspenseful build-up offering glimpses of a “cantilevered dorsal […]


Looking Back At CAT PEOPLE

Producer Val Lewton’s horror classic CAT PEOPLE was no retread of the werewolf trope, but a ground-breaking psychosexual examination of abhorrent sexual behavior disguised as a monster movie. Considered a symbolic tone poem of despair and “otherness” CAT PEOPLE was sold to unsuspecting 1942 audiences as a gruesome horror film of love, longing and madness. […]


7 Great Zombie Movies Without Zombies

No horror movie scenario is more ubiquitous these days than George Romero’s zombie apocalypse.  While most horror fans know that Romero didn’t conceive his living dead as “zombies”—zombies, to him, were the voodoo slaves of Bela Lugosi in poverty row quickies like WHITE ZOMBIE and KING OF THE ZOMBIES—fewer realize that the filmmaker doesn’t believe his […]