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5 Weird (Supposedly True) Urban Legends from Virginia

Every state has its share of urban legends and haunted tales. Most are handed down from generations of locals. However, with the advent of the internet these stories now reach a wider audience allowing us all to share in a once “locals only” tradition of storytelling. The following are five bizarre, supposedly true urban legends […]

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CREEPYPASTA: “The Puppetmaster’s Regime” May Be the Deadliest Stage Play Ever Performed

For today’s tale of the macabre, we’re not merely digging deep into the darkest corners of the web; we’re also rummaging through the vaults of musical theatre’s golden days, and drawing back the curtain on a mysterious musical whose author remains unknown to this day… a show which was allegedly performed only once, at New York’s long-abandoned […]

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CREEPYPASTA: You’re Only 11 Miles from Your Dream… Or Your Worst Nightmare

Much like our earlier entry on “The Devil Game,” today’s creepypasta discovery is essentially a set of very specific instructions. Also in the mode of that previous installment, if the game’s rules are followed to the letter, the author (whose identity here is unknown) claims the player can achieve the ultimate prize… but if you […]

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JEFF THE KILLER Creepypasta Movie in the Works!

A while back, in our detailed introduction to the nightmarish web phenomenon known as creepypasta (if you’re new to the concept, think of it as “Creepypasta 101”), we delved into one of the more familiar and meme-inspiring images from internet lore: that of “Jeff the Killer,” a horrific white face with lidless eyes and an […]

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CREEPYPASTA: The Bear Man and Other Forest Tales

Gather ‘round, my sleepless ones, and settle in for a fresh nightmare from the weird, wild web: yes, it’s time for another creepypasta, a bone-chilling campfire tale for the modern age. (In case you missed last week’s edition, be sure to check out the chilling phenomenon of the Black Eyed Children.) This one comes from […]