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5 MORE Scary Urban Legends that Should Be Horror Movies

Let us dive once more into the abyss of those strange stories circulating around the internet that I swear happened to a friend of a friend of a guy I once met. Here again are five urban legends with a film pitch for each that I’m sure Hollywood will be falling all over themselves to […]

Films Real Life Scares Scary Fun 

5 Scary Urban Legends that Should be Made into Horror Movies!

Most of us encounter urban legends online almost everyday. “Facebook is gonna send me a million dollars for reposting this.” “Don’t throw rice at weddings; it kills birds” “Did you know that Walt Disney had his head cryogenically frozen?” All completely false, but legends like this become part of our society and get passed from […]

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The Ten Creepiest Creepypastas (That Aren’t Slender Man)

What exactly is this thing called creepypasta? Is it that lasagna atrocity your vegan roommate tried to force on you last week? Nope… unless, perhaps, you found a human finger in it, and when you showed her the grisly evidence, she just stared at you, unblinking… and slowly began to smile. For the uninitiated, creepypasta […]