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The Horror-Comedy You’ve Never Seen: Exploring Recently Unearthed Film THE DISMEMBERED

As horror fans, we are always on the quest to discover elusive horror gems, constantly searching for lesser-known and hard-to-find titles. I had heard past whispers about a regional horror film called THE DISMEMBERED. Years ago, I was doing a research project on early horror comedies and found mentions of this obscure 1962 film out […]

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10 Lesser-Known Horror Films You Need to See

There are as many definitions of ‘horror’ as there are horror fans. Fear is subjective, as are film experiences, and diversity of views is one of the most exciting things about the genre. For every mainstream spookfest, then, there is an unusual, daring and experimental horror film that breaks boundaries and challenges audiences. While they […]


Exploring the Rare Horror Gem THE SARAGOSSA MANUSCRIPT

As horror movie geeks, we often pride ourselves on being familiar with the majority of horror movies released throughout history. But there are always some we miss. It is an ongoing quest to hunt down all the gems, all the undiscovered horror treasures that may have somehow been overlooked by the public eye. THE SARAGOSSA MANUSCRIPT […]

Rediscovering a Lost Horror Gem: The Incredibly Rare MURDER BY THE CLOCK

You won’t find this one on Amazon or Netflix. Actually, you will have to do some detective work to find it anywhere. Though not a “lost” film (there are bootlegs circulating), MURDER BY THE CLOCK (1931) is not available in any normal consumer format and sadly never has been. Based on a novel and stage […]


Lost on VHS: BLOOD SALVAGE (1990)

“ If Jake can’t fix it… it’s been dead too long.”