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THE PURGE, Killer Clowns, and Dancing: The Total Halloween Horror Nights Experience

When attending Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood, most horror fans go with one thing on their minds- MAZES! And yes, the mazes are the main attraction and provide fantastic frights this year. But, the park has a lot of other Halloween fun going on. It is, after all, also “Purge Night”, and THE PURGE is […]


Live Through THE WALKING DEAD At Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights!

Not only has THE WALKING DEAD become a huge part of pop culture, but it’s also been a very prominent aspect of Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights for the last couple of years now. On some years, it’s acted as one of the horror mazes at the park. Other times it’s been featured as a part […]

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Enter Into THE EXORCIST at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood

THE EXORCIST is the blue print for all demonic possession films and has held on to that achievement for over four decades. Released in 1973, it quickly became one of the most iconic and recognizable horror movies ever made. But how could it ever be made into a haunted house or maze? Most horror heavy hitters […]

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AMERICAN HORROR STORY Maze at Universal Horror Nights Hollywood: Visit Murder House, Freak Show, & Hotel!

This year Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights has outdone itself with a great assortment of mazes including HALLOWEEN 2, KRAMPUS, THE EXORCIST, and many more. But the one I was most excited about was the AMERICAN HORROR STORY maze. For years now, this TV show has been a high point of my horror viewing. I’ve watched […]