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The 10 Most Extreme Video Nasties

Last week, we discussed some of the hidden horror gems that were stashed on the United Kingdom’s notorious video nasty list of the 1980s. This week, we are looking at the extreme inclusions, the movies that were banned for a very clear reason and still have the ability to shock and disgust audiences today. But […]

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Banned in the UK!: 10 Obscure Horror Greats on the “Video Nasties” List

During the 1980s, when movies first entered homes via VHS tapes, bannings and censorship became rampant in many parts of the world. Perhaps the most well-known of these censorship movements was the United Kingdom’s “video nasties”, a list of 72 horror movies that were in some way censored. Some of the titles were just forced […]

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Was This Castle the Home of a Real Vampire?

Travel to the north eastern coast of England, and you will find Alnwick Castle. The building of this mammoth structure began in 1096 and was completed in 1136, after the Norman conquest of the region. The home to the Duke of Northumberland, it was the second largest inhabited castle in England. But the Duke and […]

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8 Brutal British Revenge Horror Movies

“Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” ― Confucius It’s often argued that revenge, redemption, comeuppance and reckoning are the most reprehensible of bedfellows, and the only kind of comfort an “eye for an eye” attitude brings with it is of the cold kind. Paradoxically then (yet not in the least […]