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TAMMY AND THE T-REX: The Film That Put Paul Walker’s Brain Inside a Dinosaur

Hidden in the annals of 1990s low-budget genre cinema is a film so spectacularly stupid that it’s hard to believe that it not only exists, but that the actors ever worked again. And yet, sure enough, Denise Richards and Paul Walker went on to have very respectable careers after TAMMY AND THE T-REX put them […]

Films Scary Fun 

Fear of the Unknown: Ten Horror Titles That Almost Were!

Back when horror sites quickly usurped the throne of horror movie scoops from print fright mags, you could rarely go a day without hearing some kind of rumor surrounding your favorite horror properties. This was all before the word “remake” was appropriated as a stigmatic kiss-of-death, and the fates of our favorite horror franchises were […]