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5 Reasons You Need To Check Out HOLIDAYS!

I love horror anthologies. Always have. Maybe it’s in part because I grew up with a great appreciation for short form horror entertainment via TV shows such as THE TWILIGHT ZONE, AMAZING STORIES, TALES FROM THE CRYPT, etc. Or maybe there’s just something magical about sitting down and being treated to some bite-size thrills that […]

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Slender Man, MadBalls and the SCOOBY APOCALYPSE – This Week’s Horror News Rundown

After this week’s unusual string of horrifying news stories, nothing could surprise us anymore. We’ve got an apocalyptic SCOOBY DOO on the horizon. We’ve got the return of TUSK. We’ve got a whole new line of MADBALLS. We’ve got the release of a film that, frankly, we thought was never, ever going to see the […]