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The Ultimate Turkish Superhero Blockbuster: 3 DEV ADAM!

Despite the tendency of superhero movies to reboot, to have differing TV versions, and to generally play fast and loose with the notion of canon, the notion of what is officially authorized is foremost in the minds of fans and of comic book creators alike. Sure, there may be literally dozens of authorized versions of […]

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10 Amazing & Bizarre International Knock-Off Movies!

Some countries have copyright laws that are a little more liberal than others. Usually produced on a much lower budget with a tenuous grasp of the original plot, these foreign knock-offs can be extremely entertaining. Here are my top 10 foreign knock-off movies that you need to see right away. HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD – 1980 […]


New Turkish Movie Trailer Looks Terrifying and Psychedelic!

Just last week we wrote about the hype surrounding the new extreme Turkish horror BASKIN (see article here). But now we just got word (via STYD) that a new Turkish horror film called ALAMET I KIYAMET is on the way, and it looks equally psychedelic and visceral. Could this be the new Turkish aesthetic? The […]

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Does This Security Footage Reveal a Mini-Monster on the Move?

A very odd piece of video popped up on YouTube February 17, and since then it’s generated a fair share of online buzz, pulling in nearly 100,000 views as of this writing. The footage, which is purported to be shot directly from a security camera monitor in the city of Diyarbakir, Turkey, seems to depict […]