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The Horror Fan’s Guide to “NETFLIX AND CHILL”

When I’m not writing about horror movies or tweeting self-deprecating jokes, I like to consider myself a connoisseur of going on terrible, horrible, no good, very bad dates. I went through a phase where all of my dates were the equivalent of a McGriddle after a night of heavy drinking. Meaning, they were cheap and […]


Here’s Why You Need To Watch TURBO KID On Netflix This Weekend

TURBO KID is one of those films I kept hearing about all of last year as it made the festival rounds and eventually hit VOD. But I confess, I’m stubborn. So the more that multiple sources kept pushing me towards this specific title, the more I put it off for fear of overhype. So I’ll […]

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5 Fantastic Horror Discoveries Streaming this Week on Netflix!

I love exploring Netflix because I always find a movie I’ve never heard of, one I’ve been wanting to see, or something I haven’t watched in ages. This week, I was able to find some terrific newly released horror flicks and also a few older titles that are worth revisiting. FROM DUSK TILL DAWN: THE […]