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Death by Tulpa?: The Strange Tale of Olivia Mabel

The tragic story of Olivia Mabel is one of those too creepy to be true ghost tales. But read on and decide for yourself. The Mabel family lived in a quiet suburb of Celina, Texas, about an hour north of Dallas. Mother Olivia, father Travis, and son Aiden were a perfect nuclear family – until 1990. […]

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Let’s Get Weird: 10 Bizarre Horror Sexploitation Films

Horror and sex always seem to travel in similar circles, perhaps both tapping in to our most base desires and fears. Yet, sometimes it gets weird…really weird. Feeling daring and experimental? Try out some of these 10 Bizarre Horror Sexploitation Films. Just know in advance these films are extreme, twisted, and downright wacky. Don’t say […]