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Four Very Scary Things Happening in the Woods RIGHT NOW

When someone utters the words “woods” or “forest,” I’m sure a lot of you feel a slight chill come up your spine, as you imagine all manner of dark and ominous things lurking in the dense thicket, beneath the deepest shadows of old, twisted trees. It’s an ancient fear all humans harbor in the back […]


Six Norwegian Horror Movies You Need to Seek Out Immediately

Unlike us Americans, Norwegian folks seem to find pleasure in making exactly the kind of films they want to make, as opposed to the kind a studio executive thinks people want to see. This artistic freedom is greatly esteemed, and the decision to craft stories out of love — as opposed to dollar signs — […]


First Image from Guillermo Del Toro’s Netflix Series TROLLHUNTERS!

This morning, Dreamworks released the first shot from Guillermo Del Toro’s upcoming Netflix series, TROLLHUNTERS. Due out later this year, the series is set in a suburb where residents discover a wild, fantasy world thriving under their town. Del Toro has stated that he was drawn to this project because it was geared towards kids yet […]


5 Magnificently Monstrous Creature Features Now Streaming on Netflix!

Monster fan? You are in luck because Netflix has got some great creature features this week. Whether your into classic monsters from historical legends or contemporary radioactive mutants, has you covered with a list of five top-notch giant monster movies currently available on Netflix Instant. THE RELIC (1997) After a colleague travels to South […]

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Franchises Reborn & Franchises Rekilled in This Week’s Horror News Rundown

A new year is upon us and with it comes brand new promises and a few shattered dreams. This week on Blumhouse’s Horror News Rundown, we’re taking a look at some exciting previews of upcoming horror films, the cancellation of a potentially great franchise, the resurrection of a horror classic and a whole lot more. […]