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Examining “PG” Films: 5 Shocking PG Movies

You know the current movement in the horror community with the mantra “Make Horror R Again”? There was a time when the line that separated the PG and R ratings was far less precise. The 1970s and the 1980s were a very unique time to be of a formidable age. Typically, everyone’s parents came from a […]


Slashback! The Creepiest Pre-HALLOWEEN Slasher Trailers

In last week’s Slashback column, we took a controversial look at the cultural impact of the slasher genre through the eyes of two of its most famous detractors: film critics Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel. It’s interesting to note that when the pair ran their notorious SNEAK PREVIEWS “Violence Against Women” episode in 1980, the […]


Slashback! Horrifying Mannequins Make This TOURIST TRAP a Deadly Destination

If you suffer from a form of automatonophobia — the fear of life-size dolls, dummies or mannequins — then David Schmoeller’s first horror feature, TOURIST TRAP, just might drive you into months of intense therapy. In 1978, the slasher boom was just beginning to surge in the wake of HALLOWEEN’s enormous success, and just about […]

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10 REALLY SCARY Movies You May Have Missed

THEM aka ILS (2006) PLOT: Clementine and Lucas are spending a quiet weekend in a remote Bucharest cabin.  The young couple realizes just how isolated they are when their car is stolen in the middle of the night, the phones are disconnected, and then finally the lights go out.  Soon they find themselves being terrorized […]

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Waxworks Records Unveils TOURIST TRAP Cover Art!

If you’ve never seen the 1979 creepy feature TOURIST TRAP starring Chuck Connors, stop what you’re doing, drop everything and seek this horror gem out immediately! While there was controversy regarding the recent Blu-Ray from Full Moon Pictures last year, where director David Schmoeller disapproved of missing footage from that release, no doubt the following news […]