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A Look At Donald Cammel’s WHITE OF THE EYE

Part of the reason I love specialty labels such as Scream Factory is that they always introduce me to long-thought-to-be-lost oddities. Crazy films with radical genre conventions that I probably wouldn’t have sought out otherwise. Out today, November 17th on Blu-Ray and DVD is one of those films, Donald Cammel’s WHITE OF THE EYE. I […]


Killer POV Pick Of The Week – GHOST STORY

GHOST STORY must’ve been one of those early 80’s horror films that for whatever reason slipped under my radar during the height of my genre fandom and during a period where I’d devour whatever horror I could find at my local video store. I don’t even remember the box art, but thankfully, Scream Factory is […]


New Cult Blu-Ray Announcements From ARROW US & SEVERIN UK!

To all our fellow Blu-Ray collectors out there, ARROW US just announced two titles that should spark your interest, WAKE UP AND KILL and WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO SOLANGE? Meanwhile, Severin Films are releasing the Jess Franco flicks VAMPYROS LESBOS and SHE KILLED IN ECSTASY COME in the UK on Blu-Ray at the end of […]

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Bruce Campbell Takes Over The Late Show With Stephen Colbert!

We’re all such big fans of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and also huge EVIL DEAD fans, so this is too cool not to share! Both Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless were on The Late Show earlier this week to promote Starz hit series ASH VS EVIL DEAD and at one point during the […]


EXCLUSIVE: The New Trailer For Dark Sky Films’ ONE EYED GIRL

The beautiful thing about the horror genre is that it can run the gamut of dark and emotional themes and offer unique, eerie tales unlike any other film genre. Enter the intriguing ONE EYED GIRL, the feature film directorial debut from cinematographer Nick Matthews. Travis (Mark Leonard Winter) is a young psychiatrist trying to cope […]


We Talk LAST SHIFT With Director Anthony DiBlasi!

One of the strongest and most interesting voices making horror films these days has to be filmmaker Anthony DiBlasi. After helping to produce Clive Barker’s MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN, and then writing and directing the next Barker adaptation of DREAD, he’s consistently continued putting out solid genre fare like CASSADAGA and MISSIONARY. His latest, LAST SHIFT […]


Not Horror But Thriller: Guest Editorial By Graham Skipper

The following guest editorial piece was written by Graham Skipper, star of the films ALMOST HUMAN and THE MIND’S EYE, and known on stage as Herbert West in RE-ANIMATOR: THE MUSICAL.  I was having a discussion the other night with a gentleman I’d just met, a smart guy who clearly is a fan of cinema and […]


CHARACTER SHOWDOWN – Can There Only Be One Norman Bates?

This “Character Showdown” almost doesn’t seem fair, but it does warrant a serious discussion. When you say Norman Bates, it’s impossible not to immediately think of Anthony Perkins. And for quite a while there, it seemed as if no one else could possibly touch the role of Norman Bates without stepping on his toes. After […]


EXCLUSIVE: Watch a Nail-Biting Clip from THE DEMOLISHER

Canadian genre director Gabriel Carrer (IN THE HOUSE OF FLIES) has unleashed a brutal new force onto the screen in the form of psycho-thriller THE DEMOLISHER, which recently won the Silver Audience Award at Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival. Ahead of its next round of screenings – beginning October 12th and 13th at Spain’s prestigious Sitges […]


The New Trailer To Eli Roth’s KNOCK KNOCK Is A Tease!

While you may be eagerly anticipating getting a taste of Eli Roth’s next gory main course with THE GREEN INFERNO this upcoming Friday, why not whet your appetite with the next new film he has in store for us? The new 60 second teaser for KNOCK KNOCK, starring Keanu Reeves, Lorenza Izzo and Ana de […]