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THE BIRDS is Alfred Hitchcock’s Best Horror Movie

THE BIRDS is a pea soup horror movie – you either love it or you hate it. There’s no in between. But if you’re in the “hate it” camp, I’m here to help swing your pendulum the other way. Because THE BIRDS is Alfred Hitchcock’s best horror movie. Now, before you start scrolling to the bottom […]


After This Chilling Short Film, You Will Never Get AWAY FROM IT ALL

Some of the best horror shorts are terrifying cautionary tales, often employing an extra macabre twist, in the mode of old-school horror comics. That’s the creepy vibe we’re feeling in AWAY FROM IT ALL, a moody short film that also happens to be the creation of frequent contributor and “Journalist of the Bizarre,” Stephen […]


First Trailer And Exclusive Clip From The Twisted Thriller THE EYES!

Coming to select U.S. theaters on Friday, April 7th is the upcoming thriller THE EYES, in which 6 strangers are kidnapped and through governmental technology provided with proof that they have all killed before! 5 will die this night. The six have 2 hours to decide who gets to live. First, take a look at the trailer. […]


EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: The Mind-Bending Horror Short FACE OF 4!

You may already be familiar with the creative output of Alexander Azzi — already known to the music world as electronic music producer, DJ and composer Drop Goblin. I covered Alex’s music frequently back in the day as music reporter for FEARnet, and his horror-inspired projects have amazed EDM-loving genre fans from around the globe. Now […]


Take A Peek At This Mysterious Trailer For LAVENDER!

Here’s another intriguing horror movie to keep an eye out for. Dermot Mulroney, Abbie Cornish and Justin Long all star in LAVENDER, from the director of THE LAST EXORCISM PART II, Ed Gass-Donnelly. After losing her memory from a terrible accident, a woman begins to see unexplained things after her psychiatrist suggests she visit her […]


Exclusive Poster For GET THE GIRL; Plus Trailer To Eric England’s Latest!

How do you get the attention of a girl that doesn’t know you exist? Well, if you’re Clarence (Justin Dobies) from the upcoming flick GET THE GIRL, you may go to… extreme measures. Check out the trailer to the latest flick from Eric England (CONTRACTED) below! As you can see from the above, in GET […]

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Take a Ride Through SAW and THRILLER with Horror Amusement Park Rides

Michael Jackson loved amusement parks. He was a regular visitor to Disneyland, had his own attraction there (Captain EO) and had his own amusement park at his home, Neverland Ranch. So I think he would approve of this French dark ride based on what is probably his most famous song, “Thriller.”  “Thriller” has quite the […]


The Story Behind SOLACE: The SE7EN Sequel That Almost Was

On December 16th, Alfonso Poyart’s supernaturally-tinged serial killer thriller, SOLACE, will finally arrive on VOD (and in select theaters) for American consumption. To say its journey to release has been a long one since production began in 2013 would be an understatement. Its history, however, is far more interesting than the constantly delayed release dates […]


Slashback! Why CEMETERY OF TERROR is Mexico’s Best Slasher EVER

I know you’ve been missing my regular column on vintage slasher flicks… but it’s okay, you don’t have to reveal your dark and secret shame by admitting it. If you’re familiar with my previous installments, you know I tend to focus on more obscure oddities from the often-maligned slasher subgenre, as opposed to the classic […]


Check Out This Spooky Exclusive Clip From IT WATCHES!

Coming to VOD this Tuesday, December 6th is the spooky new horror/thriller from director Dave Parker, IT WATCHES! And today, we’re going to bring you an exclusive creepy clip! In the film, Andre (Ivan Djurovic) is recovering from amnesia caused by a car accident. He agrees to a house-sitting gig for a friend of a […]


Watch Guillermo del Toro Talk About The Filmmaking Craft Of Alfred Hitchcock!

It’s hard not to love Guillermo del Toro, right? I mean, what it really boils down to is he’s one of us. Sure, he’s ridiculously talented and artistic, and makes great fantastical films, but he also collects a hell of a lot of cool horror goodies as can be seen with his now-touring Bleak House […]


The 10 Most Underrated Horror Movies of the 1990s

Last week, we ran a list of the 10 Most Underrated Horror Movies of the 1980s. This week, we’re focusing on the 1990s with another list of often-missed and underappreciated genre gems. While only a few of these films can be found on Blu-ray, they can all be found on DVD (or can be streamed) […]


Exclusive Premiere: The Surreal Short PERDITION Conjures a Grisly Existential Nightmare

Some short-form horror films serve up concentrated shocks, while others creep inside your head and make you question everything you’ve seen. Writer-director Jake E. Sampson’s moody horror short PERDITION falls into the latter category, and we’re honored to host its online premiere, just in time for Halloween. PERDITION finds desperate protagonist Alan (Dan Heyerman) inexplicably transported […]