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A Piercing Scream! Five Terrifying King Diamond Albums for the Uninitiated

I had the greatest Halloween night in 2014, at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, bearing witness to an event I’d feared I would never see again.  King Diamond, the ghoulish metal demon who has fronted his own eponymous act for over three decades, was playing his first SoCal date in almost a decade after suffering […]


Anty Raid: A Look Back at the Mega-Bug Classic THEM!

In New Mexico, police Sgt. Ben Peterson (James Whitmore) and his partner discover a young girl wandering alone through the desert in a state of shock. A few miles away, they find a demolished trailer homeu littered with bloodstained clothing and odd animal tracks. The mystery deepens when a local storekeeper is found slaughtered and […]

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Fear the Meta-Menace of MANT! Remembering Joe Dante’s MATINEE

While Joe Dante’s MATINEE is ostensibly a coming-of-age fear flick about a William Castle-like schlocky showman, the meta film within a film, MANT, is an affectionate love letter to the classic creature features that inspired a generation. It’s time we break down who’s who in that meta-fun-fest… and why! Set in Key West, Florida in 1962, […]

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10 REALLY SCARY Movies You May Have Missed

THEM aka ILS (2006) PLOT: Clementine and Lucas are spending a quiet weekend in a remote Bucharest cabin.  The young couple realizes just how isolated they are when their car is stolen in the middle of the night, the phones are disconnected, and then finally the lights go out.  Soon they find themselves being terrorized […]