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Seven Chilling (and Totally True) Historical Inspirations for THE WITCH

The title card that ends 2015’s historical horror flick THE WITCH proclaims that the story is partially based on truth. Unlike most “true” horror movies, this isn’t just a device to make the movie seem more frightening. THE WITCH’s portrayal of the eerie power of witchcraft is based on court records, diaries and other first-hand […]

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Found Figures: The Toys of The Blair Witch Project

Before there was THE WITCH, there was THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. Release in the summer of 1999, THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT is undoubtedly one of the most influential horror films ever made, single-handedly – despite the fact that it wasn’t actually the first of its kind – turning the “found footage” style into a bona […]


Talkin’ Tracks: An Interview With THE WITCH Composer Mark Korven

‘There’s evil in the wood’  – William (THE WITCH) I only think of one film in recent history to garner the same kind of buzz as THE WITCH, that being IT FOLLOWS. Never being one to buy into hype, I sat down in the movie theatre fully expecting IT FOLLOWS to let me down – […]


Bekah’s 10 Favorite Witch Movies!

I have always had a passionate love of witch movies. Going all the way back to an adolescent infatuation with SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH and HOCUS POCUS, the magical ladies have always been one of my fave sub-genres of horror, possibly because they were one of the few to feature a female monster/hero, but also […]

Films Chats With THE WITCH Co-Stars Ralph Ineson and Kate Dickie (Part 2)

Yesterday we spoke with Ralph Ineson and Kate Dickie, the stars of the acclaimed new horror drama THE WITCH, about getting gored by goats and why 17th century Puritans were a lot like 21st century actors. CHeck out the first part of our interview here. Today, our conversation with the two loquacious actors continues, with […]

Films Chats With THE WITCH Co-Stars Ralph Ineson and Kate Dickie (Part 1)

It is the 17th century, and a Puritan family living on the outskirts of civilization is about to experience genuine horror. A family of religious exiles, overcome by pride and paranoia, ripped apart by tragedy, are the subject of THE WITCH, a horror film from Robert Eggers that has been celebrated since its premiere at […]


Just Released: All New Trailer for Upcoming Horror Film THE WITCH

THE WITCH was on many of our staff’s “top ten” lists from last year. This incredibly creepy film will finally be releasing to the public on February 19th. And they just released a new trailer! Set in the 17th century, a devoutly religious family head into the wilderness to create a homestead, but something old and sinister is […]

Films Scary Fun’s 10 Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2016!

It’s difficult to anticipate great horror movies. Many of the best scary movies ever made came seemingly out of nowhere, from filmmakers with something to prove, and with no expectations of them whatsoever. What’s more, the incredibly fast development and production of many horror movies means that the best horror movie of 2016 might not […]