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5 Tactics THE WALKING DEAD Should Implement in Season 7 to Win Fans Back

It’s no secret that THE WALKING DEAD has been in danger during season seven. Viewer tallies are absolutely plummeting. AMC isn’t going to dump the show on a dime, as 10 million viewers is still mighty impressive. But with dwindling viewership fewer dollars will roll into production, and the show could conceivably take a hit […]


10 Reasons Season 7 of The Walking Dead Has Been Absolutely Terrible

Two years ago I was prepared to declare, that with a few more remarkable seasons, AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD would deserve to be recognized as one of the greatest television series’ in history. Then along came the uneven season six with the sketchiest cliffhanger we’ve seen, and season seven feels like it’s going through the […]

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THE WALKING DEAD, AMERICAN HORROR STORY and a Whole Lot of Clowns – This Week’s Horror News Rundown

The biggest horror TV shows in the world might be joined by the weirdest horror TV show in history, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. This week on the Horror News Rundown we’re looking at hit shows, exciting upcoming blockbusters, clowns… and klowns? Read on, if you dare… AMERICAN HORROR STORY: You Know, For Kids! […]