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Five Horror Movie Diseases You Wouldn’t Want to Catch

I’m a bit of a hypochondriac, so when a character in a movie or TV show just gets a cold or a touch of the flu, that freaks me out a little bit. But I watch horror movies almost exclusively, so you can imagine my despair when there’s a medical element to any film I’m […]

Films Real Life Scares 

Is There Anything Scarier Than… Political Horror?

The scariest time of year is just around the corner. When all the creatures come out of their homes for one night looking to fill our pants with fear-created poop. Parents will hold their children closer as the cold, dark night descends upon them. Reporters will stand in random locations looking for survivors willing to tell their […]


5 Stephen King Adaptations That Died In Development Hell

For forty years, Stephen King’s stories have been translated to the screen with almost as much frequency as Shakespeare’s.  Judging by reports of current projects in development, that trend isn’t going to stop anytime soon.  And if history is any indication, new adaptations will be re-imagined several times before we get to see them on […]

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DOOM Lives, THE STAND Dies and MANOS RETURNS – This Week’s Horror News Rundown

The future of your favorite horror franchises just got weirder. This week on the Horror News Rundown, we’re taking a look at long-awaited video games that are finally seeing the light of day, long-awaited films that just got shoved back into development hell, a video game film about a giant wolfman and the sequel to […]

Cough! Sneeze! 10 Infection & Outbreak Themed Horror Films

Flu season is almost upon us. This is the time of year when we are forced to realize how easily disease spreads from one unsuspecting human to another, as well as how fragile our soft and squishy bodies really are. Just to remind you how much worse your common cold ailment could be, here are […]