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SADAKO VS KAYAKO (THE RING VS THE GRUDGE) Debuts On Shudder 1/26! New Trailer!

This is it! Here in America, we’ve been patiently awaiting the showdown between two of Japan’s most iconic horror villains. That’s right, SADAKO VS KAYAKO! And I know you’ve been waiting patiently too because every time we’ve posted about it (here and here), we immediately saw a huge enthusiastic response. The film opened overseas last […]



Ever since we first heard that a movie pitting THE RING’s Sadako against THE GRUDGE’s Kayako was coming, we’ve been eagerly awaiting any news on how the hell to see it here in America! The teaser trailer was awesome. The second trailer was even better. And the marketing for the film in Japan continued to […]


THE RING VS THE GRUDGE On The Baseball Field! SADAKO Throws Out The 1st Pitch!

Seriously, the marketing behind the upcoming “grudge” match between SADAKO VS KAYAKO continues to get better and better. If you missed it, there were a series of public service announcement commercials, Kayako now has an Instagram account and the trailers have been so much fun thus far. Well, today they took it even one step […]

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Kayako From THE GRUDGE Has An Instagram Account

Here at the offices, we’re huge fans of Japanese horror and in particular, both the original THE RING and THE GRUDGE franchises. So naturally, like a lot of you out there, we’re beyond excited for this summer’s showdown between their lead specters. SADAKO VS KAYAKO opens in Japan on June 18th, and we’ve already […]

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People Are Straight Up Scared Of Sadako In These RING Pranks

Earlier this week, I revisited the original Japanese RING movies, RINGU and RINGU 2 for my weekly edition of “Double Take.” It brought me right back to that era of vibrant scary Asian cinema that was coming out in the late 90’s / early 2000’s. And naturally, where there’s any spurt of creativity, Hollywood is […]


Revisiting The Original RING Movies RINGU & RINGU 2!

The late 90’s was a strange time for horror. Riding off the wave set about by Wes Craven’s smash success SCREAM, the Hollywood machine began churning out “slasher” whodunits, each one more intricate, slightly bonkers and more sarcastic & cynical than the last. But over in Japan, a cultural phenomenon was about to break that […]


6 Foreign Horror Movies We Want On Blu-Ray

Yesterday, we looked at 6 classic horror titles that, for whatever reason, have not made the upgrade to Blu-Ray, at least commercially here in the States. Cultivating that list of movies managed to get me thinking about a lot of other deserving flicks that still haven’t been given the proper high def / special edition […]


Coming This Summer, It’s THE RING VS THE GRUDGE!

What started out as a fan-made teaser trailer for a hypothetical mash-up between the Japanese horror franchises THE RING (RINGU) and THE GRUDGE (JU-ON) has taken on a life of its own! Based on the over-enthusiastic response to that fan trailer, it convinced Kadokawa and NBC Universal Japan to produce a proper THE RING VS THE GRUDGE […]