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Those fine fiends behind the monthly SCARY ENDINGS You Tube shorts are back with their latest opus THERE’S SOMETHING OUT THERE! Taking refuge inside of her broken-down car, trying to get a signal on her cell phone, Riley’s (Leah de Niese) time is running out as something out in the desert wilderness is getting closer […]


Shudder Plans Several Original Films Kicking Off With PRIMAL SCREEN!

We’ve been talking about the all-horror streaming service Shudder quite a bit around our offices, and with good reason: the selection, aimed specifically for the die-hard horror fan, is terrific. From new indie favorites, to horror classics, to premieres such as THE RING VS THE GRUDGE mash-up SADAKO VS KAYAKO and PREVENGE, they have the […]


You Will Lose Sleep From DEAD AWAKE, From The Creator Of FINAL DESTINATION!

As a hardened horror watcher, there’s not much left that can actually scare me in our beloved genre. But one thing I occasionally still suffer from in regular life is “sleep paralysis.” It was the subject of Rodney Ascher’s 2015 documentary THE NIGHTMARE, which as of this writing you can still find on Netflix Instant in […]

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This JAWS “Bath Bomb” Will Turn Your Water Blue, Then Blood Red!

Here in Los Angeles, we’re fortunate enough to have a slew of horror-related shops all within the Valley. If you’re ever visiting town, be sure to walk up and down Magnolia Blvd in Burbank and you’ll stumble onto all sorts of spooky goodies. Case in point, I popped into Dark Delicacies last week, and wrote […]



Ready for your daily dose of bite sized horror? The Scary Endings crew have always got you covered. We’ve featured some of their shorts previously. WELCOME TO THE CIRCUS, THE NIGHTMARE, YUMMY MEAT. They’re well into their second season of You Tube shorts and their latest “THE WATER RISES,” is about newlyweds Jennifer (Kaitlin Doubleday) […]


What Terrors Lurk In The Short Film ‘THE NIGHTMARE’

Freakin’ sleep paralysis. If there’s one thing I find terrifying, it’s sleep paralysis, because I, myself, suffer from it on occasion and when it’s happening to you, it’s scary as hell. That’s why I found Rodney Ascher’s 2015 documentary THE NIGHTMARE to be so effective. And I’m also eagerly anticipating the upcoming feature DEAD AWAKE […]

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Five Fantastic 2015 Horror Films Currently Streaming on Netflix

Looking to catch up on a year’s worth of horror movies? Well, you can start at Netflix Instant where a good amount of 2015 horror releases are currently available for streaming. Check out some of our staff’s favorite 2015 horror titles below. LAST SHIFT Several of us selected this title not only for our “top […]

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Rob G’s TOP 10 Horror Films Of 2015!

The year 2015, for the horror genre, was what I can best describe as a completely unpredictable one. There was a nice increase in a lot of independent fare, some of which slipped through the cracks of the underground and managed to find mainstream success, such as IT FOLLOWS. Whether you liked that one or […]