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Cavity Colors Unleashes A Line Based On ’80s Cult Classic, THE MUTILATOR!

Cavity Colors is at it again! I mean, who else would make a line of pins and shirts based upon the 1984 Buddy Cooper horror cult classic THE MUTILATOR?! Available now via their official website is an officially licensed THE MUTILATOR pin (designed by Aaron Crawford), and a pair of shirts with a new design […]


11 Horror Flicks You Won’t Believe Are Currently Streaming On Amazon Prime

It’s really an amazing time to be a movie fan, considering the access we have to so many obscure and crazy titles via multiple streaming services. I mean, do you remember reading about some weirdo horror flick in the pages of Fangoria and the search that followed at various video stores and conventions just to […]


Slashback! 1984’s THE MUTILATOR Piles on the Cheese and Pours on the Gore

In the waning days of the slasher genre’s Golden Age, independent horror films were coming under increased scrutiny by US ratings boards (and government-mandated censorship elsewhere) for their violent content. With the boom of the home video market, it made better financial sense for a first-time filmmaker to set their sights on video distribution. Although MPAA-ordered […]