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15 Years Later: PART TWO Of Our Chat With THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES Director Mark Pellington!

Read PART ONE of our interview with Mark Pellington right here. Adam Barnick: Do you think John Klein was brought to Point Pleasant in order to LEARN to let go?  To accept not getting answers? Mark Pellington: What transported him there that night, to go through this experience, to the phone call with Laura Linney […]


Exclusive Interview With Director Mark Pellington On THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES 15th Anniversary!

In 2002, a different kind of ‘horror’ film appeared on movie screens. A loose adaptation of the paranormal book of the same name from author/journalist John Keel, THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES is a meditation on grief and loss, and the desperation that loss can provoke. It is equally an utterly disturbing, disorienting look into potentially supernatural […]

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Beyond THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES: The Strange Case of John Keel

For my money, one of the best horror films of the 21st century is the 2002 supernatural thriller THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES.  I love its moody atmosphere, impressionistic visuals and dreamlike narrative.  Above all I love the haunted worldview behind the narrative—which comes from the brilliant but troubled mind of a writer named John Keel. In […]