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5 Times ABBOTT and COSTELLO Faced The Universal Monsters!

Sure ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN is a great monster mash but have you seen the others? For many that film was the ultimate gateway flick to discovering the classic creature features. After all, it had everything in it – the comedians were in top from and Bela Lugosi officially played Dracula for the first […]


Five MORE Horror Franchises That Would Make Great Video Games

It has been pointed out, time and time again, that making scary video games is really, really hard. The element of interactivity can either be used to insinuate the player into an eerie new world of all-consuming dread, or to constantly remind them that the game they are playing is a falsehood, and not particularly […]


Who Is YOUR Favorite Universal Monster?!

I think for a lot of us that have had a life-long obsession with the horror genre, it probably all began with the first time we got a glimpse of any of the Universal Monster Movies. After all, what better introduction could we ask for than the often misunderstood ghouls of the black and white classics? For me, the […]