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Real Life Scares 

What The Hell Was That?! Unexplained Sounds From Around the World

We live in a real strange world. It’s easy to forget that; our lives are spent, for the most part, repeating things. Wake up. Poop. Shower. Dress. Eat. Travel. Work. Eat. Work. Travel. Enjoy entertainment. Eat. Sleep. We stay within our respective bubbles, fearing the things that exist outside them. Sure, some of us are […]

video games 

Survival Horror Meets Alien Abduction in This Game Preview for THE HUM: ABDUCTIONS!

Totwise Studios has released some new footage of survival-horror game THE HUM: ABDUCTIONS, and the vids’ creepy atmosphere and the game’s novel concept have a lot of gamers curious. First, the footage… here: Abductions – Scenes May 2016 from Totwise Studios on Vimeo. …and here: TheHum Abductions – Alien Entering Room played with HTC Vive […]