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THE GREEN INFERNO and Anti-Slacktivism

Eli Roth seems to be the only one who carries the torch when it comes to extreme gore in the movies anymore. So many modern horror films – found footage or otherwise – tend to be ghost stories that are rated PG-13, and the modern milieu is one of fighting off home invaders. And while […]


Trailer To New Showtime Doc That Asks WHY HORROR?

We love a good documentary. And if it’s on horror, then we’re immediately on board. Showtime has just debuted the trailer to an upcoming original documentary that asks the question WHY HORROR? Helmed by horror fanatic/enthusiast Tal Zimerman, the filmmaker travels around the world to get a better understanding of why horror is more popular […]


Does Classic Italian Eurohorror Have a Place in the Modern Genre?

The following guest editorial was written by Ted Geoghegan, writer/director of this year’s new horror sensation WE ARE STILL HERE, which premieres today on Blu-ray & DVD. While most would agree the modern slasher film was born in Canada with 1974’s BLACK CHRISTMAS, it rose to prominence in the United States, where, to this day, […]

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10 Tasty Cannibal Film Recommendations

With the recent release of Eli Roth’s GREEN INFERNO, horror fans are hearing a lot about the Italian cannibal films that Roth pulled much of his inspiration from, including hits like CANNIBAL FEROX, CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, and MAN FROM DEEP RIVER. But cannibal terror is not isolated to the undiscovered jungles of foreign locales. Cannibals are […]


We Have A “CANNIBAL” Music Chat With Sebastiaan Putseys of One Way Static Records!

One of the biggest advantages of the recent horror soundtrack vinyl revival is that long sought after scores are finally becoming available for the first time, much to the satisfaction of many savvy genre fans. A perfect example would be the soundtracks to two of the most notorious movies of all time CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST and CANNIBAL […]


We Talk “Cannibal” Films With GREEN INFERNO Director Eli Roth! The “Cannibal” sub-genre is such a unique thing, not only for horror, but for Italian cinema in general. I have a very distinct memory of catching a midnight screening of CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, and all I can say is I was forever changed after seeing that film. What was the first of the Italian “cannibal” […]


We Discuss CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST/FEROX With Grindhouse Releasings Bob Murawski!

As horror fans, we’re always on the quest to find something new, something unique, something different. We want to test our limits and see if there’s anything out there that’s even too much for us. Can we still be scared or grossed out after we’ve seen everything? At some point, you stumble upon the Italian […]