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Celebrating The Top 5 Horror Movie Couples

There isn’t anything in the world that makes my heart scream more than knowing that I have a true partner in crime… except maybe that time Tom Atkins hugged me. Okay, not even that. Beyond the Shudder and chill, I have a business partner, a best friend, a life coach, a date for every weekend, […]

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Bonus SHOCK WAVES Episode On The Music Of THE EVIL DEAD!

Ready for seconds? Yesterday, we posted a special bonus episode of the Shock Waves podcast that focused primarily on an analysis of the music to the SCREAM franchise. Today, your hosts Ryan Turek and Rob Galluzzo set their sights (and ears) on the musical soundscape of THE EVIL DEAD series! We go in chronological order […]

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Groovy! Motifs Of THE EVIL DEAD And Their Role In ASH VS EVIL DEAD

With the 2nd season of ASH VS EVIL DEAD kicking off this past Sunday, many of us alleviated our anticipation by re-watching, and marathoning Season 1 in preparation. While re-visiting the episodes, I found myself thinking a lot about the common motifs in THE EVIL DEAD trilogy and how they might’ve evolved in ASH VS EVIL […]

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Here’s What We Hope To See In ASH VS EVIL DEAD Season 2!

You’ll have to forgive me, but after seeing Bruce Campbell deflect any questions revolving around the possibility of an EVIL DEAD 4 at countless conventions for the last 20 years, it’s still hard for me to believe that the adventures of one Ashley J. Williams did finally continue with the Starz series ASH VS EVIL […]


Watch The Original Coen Bros BLOOD SIMPLE Pitch Trailer with Bruce Campbell!

Now this is super cool. When it comes to first starting out in the film business, most filmmakers often try to come up with a short pitch film or trailer to showcase the story they want to tell. Basically, this is a way of convincing potential financiers that they’re more than capable of making a […]


Horror Movies Banned in the UK: Getting to Know the Video Nasties!

Cannibals, criminals, and more than a few chainsaws. You know the stories, you recognize the images, and it is impossible for you to forget the characters. It is no secret that modern horror grew into its big-girl-pants in the 1980s, but did you know that the staples of the horror genre required defending in many […]


CHARACTER SHOWDOWN – Which Version Of Ash Is Your Favorite?

Like a lot of you, because of the premiere of ASH VS EVIL DEAD, I’ve had Ash on the brain a lot this week. I mean, wasn’t it great to see Bruce Campbell back as his most beloved and well-known character? And under the direction of his old friend Sam Raimi, no less? I feel […]

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5 Things To Look Forward To In ASH VS EVIL DEAD!

For the last decade or so, it’s always been funny to catch Bruce Campbell doing one of his infamous Q & A sessions, because inevitably a fan would raise their hand and ask the same old question, “when are you and Sam Raimi going to do an EVIL DEAD 4?” At first, he would always […]


On The Set Of TALES OF HALLOWEEN With Nick Principe!

If you’re a die-hard genre fan, then you no doubt have seen Nick Principe do some pretty radical stuff in the last couple of years. Whether it be gracing the screen as “Chromeskull” in the two LAID TO REST movies, or being a biker bad-ass in search of a little revenge in AMERICAN MUSCLE, he’s definitely […]