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In Light of GLASS, Here Are Five Realistic Horror Crossovers We’d Love to See

M. Night Shyamalan is preparing to make a cinematic decision that is going to open floodgates, new fans pouring in at an uncontrollable rate, while those of us who’ve spent a great number of years following Shyamalan’s work still stand confidently behind the man. Today may be the very best time to climb back on […]


Exclusive Interview with THE NEIGHBOR Horror Filmmaker Marcus Dunstan

With Egan Productions & Fortress Feature’s THE NEIGHBOR set for release next week, we dove in deep with horror maven Marcus Dunstan to discuss his entirely effective suspense thriller. Directed by Dunstan (of The COLLECTOR and THE COLLECTION) and co-written by he and longtime writing partner Patrick Melton (the two are responsible for SAW IV, […]