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Friday Fun! Watch THE ADDAMS FAMILY Dance To The Ramones “Blitzkrieg Bop!”

It’s Friday, and as you’ve probably gotten accustomed to on the site, I like to guide you into the weekend with a music video of some sort. Often times, I rely on a cool remix of a pre-exiting song. However, this came up in my Facebook feed and it make me smile from ear to […]

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The Grim Truth About THE ADDAMS FAMILY

After unleashing his ghoulish creation as a series of one panel gag cartoons in the pages of THE NEW YORKER magazine, artist Charles Addams paid a dear price for seeing his creations come to life on TV during the early 1960s. Born in 1912, young Addams had a peculiar proclivity for drawing and one of […]

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Google Doodles of the Damned!: 13 Sinister Google Doodles

Google Doodles are not renowned for their morbidity – which is understandable. They often function as positive reminders and celebrations of human achievement, themes that visually trend towards cuteness. But optimism and cuteness are not the sole domain of general audiences – far from it! Horror and the fantastic have their own wealth of the […]

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The 13 Greatest Horror TV Show Theme Songs

With the life-altering invention of DVR, a bad TV theme song means absolutely nothing anymore. So if your favorite show has a forgettable or downright annoying opening tune, you can just skip right over it along with all the never-ending commercials for prescription medication. But a great TV theme song is something altogether different. A […]

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13 Great Horror Date Night Movies Perfect for Valentine’s Day

As much as we all love the horror genre, we probably all have to admit that it isn’t exactly kind to lovers. Scary stories have a tendency to exploit our anxieties about romance and sexuality, turning fears of disease and feelings of jealousy and even innocent attraction into terrifying tales of obsession and death. So […]



It’d been a long while since I’d seen either of THE ADDAMS FAMILY movies, but with Halloween winding down, I wanted to see something horror themed that was light and fun, and so I broke out both of these movies for a double feature. You have to remember in context that back in 1991 when […]



It’s a good time to be both a soundtrack lover and a vinyl collector! Two new releases worth talking about? First up, Full Moon has released a special double LP gatefold-cover version of PUPPET MASTER. The album features selections of cues from all 10 PUPPET MASTER films, composed by Richard Band and featuring that gorgeous haunting […]