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10 More Horror Films from the 2000s that You May Have Missed

Last week, I collected a list of films from the 2000s that are┬ásadly overlooked. Check out the first list here. In many cases these films just didn’t get the wide release or audience attention they deserved. Sometimes, the movies just weren’t brutal torture flicks which is where the predominant audience tastes were at the time. […]


Exclusive Clip From THE ABANDONED!

Coming to select theaters in NYC and LA, as well as all VOD outlets this Friday, January 8th is the new horror thriller THE ABANDONED from IFC Midnight. And they were kind enough to share with us a creepy and voyeuristic clip, exclusive to! Take a look below: With THE ABANDONED (previously titled THE […]


SCREAMFEST 2015 Report!

One of Los Angeles best and most anticipated horror film festivals of the year is always Screamfest, as it always takes place around mid-October, just as everyone is at the height of their Halloween celebration frenzy. And so, patrons of the festival are in the spooky mood and anxious to be introduced to what Pinhead […]