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Watch The Full Length Feature Comedy TEX MONTANA WILL SURVIVE!

Once in a blue moon, an ambitious low-budget indie film will slip through the cracks and force you to take notice.¬†For me, that film was THE BATTERY. Over on our pre-Shock Waves podcast,¬†Killer POV, all 3 of us were strong advocates for this little-zombie-movie-that-could and even had a stellar, candid chat with writer/director/star Jeremy Gardner […]

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Take A Break! 5 Non-Horror Recommendations For The Horror Fan

Last week, in her countdown of her personal five favorite episodes of KILLER POV, the horror hostess with the mostess, Rebekah McKendry listed episode 62, The Non-Horror Episode. It reminded me that, along with going a little crazy, we also all need a little break sometimes. We all love horror, but every now and then […]