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Sexual Hysteria in Japan — Exploring TETSUO: THE IRON MAN

Transformation. Experimental animation. The man becomes a machine. Sexual extremity. Video game aesthetics. Nightmares. Battles. Japanese culture turned inside out. There is a lot to penetrate with TETSUO: THE IRON MAN. I’m not terribly intimate with the minutiae of Japanese history, but I do know that the nation was formed sometime in the 600s BCE, making […]

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5 Absolutely Bizarre and Mind-blowing Japanese Horror Films

Whenever I find myself wanting an experience beyond the standard horror themes that we see stateside, I love turning to overseas genre flicks to reinvigorate my passion and show me something wild I’ve never seen in horror before. Often I find some of my fave unusual and groundbreaking horror highlights hailing from Japan. Yes, of course […]