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Revisiting CANDLE COVE: The Scariest Children’s Show of All Time?

I once introduced many of our readers to the eerie world of creepypasta with a brief overview of the most well-known viral tales and legends, and among those entries, I discussed the horrific web legend of CANDLE COVE — a mysterious and disturbing children’s TV show which has since become one of the most widely-shared […]

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SNARK WEEK! Five Reasons Why GHOST SHARK is the Greatest Party Movie EVER

With Shark Week finally underway, I’m sure you’ve got your TV viewing agenda all mapped out, and we’re certainly keeping ourselves informed on all things shark-related… but as you’ve probably figured out by now, we’re pretty much thinking about giant monsters and hungry human-gobbling predators all year long, so don’t be surprised if I approach […]

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Our 5 Most Underrated SYFY Movies

They don’t make them like they used to… except on the SyFy Channel, where they’ve been dutifully producing low-budget creature features in the classic 1950s mold for well over a decade. Just take recognizable actors, add a giant animal or absurd natural disaster, and boom: you’ve got a SyFy Channel movie, low on budget and […]


Just Released: EXCLUSIVE Clip from the Upcoming Horror Movie 400 DAYS! scored an exclusive clip from the new movie 400 DAYS which is releasing to VOD and theaters on January 12th. The trailer for this movie totally creeped us out, so we are quite curious to see what SYFY Films have in store. The movie focuses on a group of astronauts who, in order to […]

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Netflix Shows, Rob Zombie’s Woes and… a Glowing Ninja Shark? This Week’s Horror News Rundown

It may be hard to believe, what with all the killer Santas running around lately, but even horror lovers sometimes take Christmas off. And so do their publicists, apparently, because the week preceding December 25, 2015 has been a barren wasteland, devoid of major horror news. But don’t worry, we scoured the internet like […]

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Exclusive: The Untold Story of Marvel’s MAN-THING, Part Two!

For part one, please click here:   And now for part 2: Yesterday, Brett Leonard finally broke his ten-year silence about the troubles that befell his Marvel superhero movie, MAN-THING. Based on the shambling, horrific comic book character – a swamp monster with ambiguous motives – Leonard envisioned the feature film as a horror […]